Ref:               MC00319014

Job Title:       DB2 Technical Support

Location:       West Midlands / Yorkshire

Salary:           Up to £38K + Bens


The Role: DB2 Operational DBA support within a UNIX environment. Must have 18/24 months Operational DBA. 

Mandatory: Must demonstrate practical hands-on experience of,  Installation, configuration and upgrade of the DB2 product set Implementation of DB2 database backup and recovery strategies.  DB2 Problem Determination and Performance Monitoring - to include. Database tuning and database reorganisations. 

Desirable Skills: System Administration of multiple flavours of UNIX [e.g. HP, Sequent]  Operational DBA support of other RDBMS engines [e.g. Oracle, Ingress]


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Ref:              MC24013

Job Title:      DB2 Specialist

Location:      Yorkshire /West Midlands /Hampshire

Salary:          Negotiable


The Role: Providing support for large complex systems for outsourced companies. 2 years as a DB2 systems programmer in an OS/390 environment.

Mandatory: Detailed knowledge of DB2, ability to install software via SMP/E, build, diagnose and tune subsystems. Very good PD skills, including researching PTFs, applying maintenance and rolling out fixes. Experience in migrating DB2 and associated products (i.e. QMF) to new versions. Basis DBA skills, including the provision of housekeeping and application recovery processes. Ability to use performance tools (DB2PM).  Use of OS/390 products and features including SMP/E tools and utilities.

Desirable Skills: Knowledge of transaction monitors (e.g. CICS, IMS.MQ) and programming languages. Experience in distributed and client server architectures including UDB, Network (SNA or TCPIP).  Good DBA skills, including design and business applications tuning. With DPROPR/UDB/SAP on O/S390 would also be desirable.


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Ref:                MCELS010201

Job Title:       DB2 Instructor

Location:       Hampshire

Salary:          Up to £40K + Bens


The Role: DB2 Technical Instructor required to deliver technical training courses to clients from scheduled curriculum and bespoke customer requirements

Mandatory: DB2 Technical Experience essential on S390 and/or Windows NT and/or UNIX platforms. Instructor skills desirable (but not essential) as training will be given. 

Desirable Skills: Previous education delivery skills in a technical environment or other education skills supporting technical needs of DB2.


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