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Ref:                  MC00293010

Job Title:          Project Manager

Location:           Aberdeen

Salary:              UP to £50K + Bens


The Role:  Responsible for the end to end delivery of all Projects assigned by the  Service Manager. 

Mandatory: Experienced in managing IT projects using various methodologies,  Project Management tools (MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, Visio) Working directly with customers and partners. High-pressure client environment, Strong leadership skills.

Desirable Skills: Some experience of Microsoft’s NT environment desirable, Good change management procedure knowledge. Able to communicate clearly with  and client senior management.


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Ref:               MC00309002

Job Title:       Project Manager

Salary:          Up to £50K + Bens

Location:      Edinburgh


The Role: To involves interlocking with the overall Transition Manager on the account and the relevant competencies and 3rd Party Suppliers as well as the customer.

Mandatory: Service Management exposure / background, Project Management skills. Transition experience, ability to facilitate workshops and drive to closure workshop issues. Previously undertaken a customer  facing role, the ability and experience to translate service failures to the impact on the customer, ideally from a commercial background in order to understand the financial implications / benefits of addressing service failures / improvements.

Desirable Skills: Understanding of Enterprise Operational Processes, Understanding of Enterprise Systems Management Some understanding of basic technical writing Good standard of secondary education to A level, whilst applicants with degrees would be welcome it is not essential.


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Ref:                 MC00315008

Job Title:         Technical Support (LAN Hardware)

Location:         Edinburgh

Salary:             Up to £28K + Bens


The Role: include the installation, moves, additions and changes to Desktop Machines and associated Software and installation of new standard software platform rollout.

Mandatory: Detailed knowledge of desktop hardware and software. Proven ability to install and configure LAN attached desktop machines. Windows 95 and Microsoft Office install and configuration skills. Technical support and troubleshooting skills.

Desirable Skills: Lotus Notes, Lotus Smartsuite, LAN, Windows NT skills or experience.


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Ref:               MC00315010

Job Title:      Operations Analyst

Salary:          Up to £28K + Bens

Location:      Edinburgh


The Role:  A challenging opportunity for an Operations Analyst to join a team which assumes full responsibility for the design, development and maintenance for the  central batch processing.

Mandatory: A good knowledge of the current batch requirements and be able to illustrate their achievements to date. Additionally, there is a requirement for energy, drive, commitment and good communication skills while possessing the ability to plan, prioritize and work under pressure as an individual or as part of a team.

Desirable Skills: Knowledge of Alchemist / Panvalet Knowledge of OPC Scheduling Package SAS / REXX Programming Skills. VSAM / GSAM File Definitions and Maintenance. P/C Skills - Microsoft Office. An Ability to Provide - Out of Hours – Support. A working knowledge of Maestro, A working knowledge of UNIX. Mid Range Support for AS400 / RS6000 etc.


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Ref:              MC00320007

Job Title:      Service Manager/ Critical Situations Manager

Location:      Edinburgh

Salary:         Up to £45K + Bens


The Role: To provide strong leadership and ensure that parties out with the team have confidence that an efficient and "managed" response is being conducted.

Mandatory: In depth specialist Service Management discipline, An active understanding of business and, in particular, the Strategic Outsourcing business, including competitive businesses and Products. In-depth understanding of interfaces between support groups and roles and responsibilities of each. Presentations and communications. Team leadership / management skills. Customer Relationship Management skills.

Desirable Skills: Project Management, Broad enterprise awareness, IT Architecture Understanding of GSD331 and corporate audit guidelines.


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Ref:               MC00346002

Job Title:      Security Specialist

Location:      Perth

Salary:         UP to £38K + Bens  


The Role: Provide IT Security management services for IBM Perth customer, that satisfy customers requirements and meet IT Security guidelines for outsourced accounts

Mandatory: at least five years experience in a mainframe technical role in either Service Delivery or Applications Development, at least one year's experience in a customer facing role, understanding of at least one MVS security package, familiarity with standards for IT Security. 

Desirable Skills: familiarity with RACF and its commands, ACF2 and its  commands, understanding of NU application security system (NACS), experience in implementing GSD331 guidelines or equivalent security standards in MVS systems.


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Ref:               MC00349014

Job Title:      MVS System Programmer

Location:      Edinburgh

Salary:          UP to £35K + Bens


The Role:  MVS Systems programmer - working closely with  other mainframe groups (storage Admin / operations etc)  to ensure that  the overall delivery of support to the client is to the correct standard.

Mandatory: 3-5 years MVS / OS390 software installation/support experience.  Familiar with standard software delivery processes and procedures - and to work under pressure to tight time scales. Unix System Services and Sysplex knowledge would be an advantage. Installation of third party (ISV) software is mandatory. You  should be able to demonstrate relevant detailed, recent software installation skills. 

Desirable Skills: You should have worked in a commercial environment. The company  works a standby/callout policy covering 24/7/365. 


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Ref:             MC00355008

Job Title:     Project Manager

Location:     Edinburgh

Salary:        Up to £50K + Bens


The Role: Responsible for the management of critical applications across Service Delivery.

Mandatory: Application Development and Service Delivery background essential. Successful IT Project Management experience.


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Ref:              MC350005

Job Title:     Capacity Planner

Salary:         Up to £36K + Bens

Location:     Edinburgh


The Role: Capacity planning of Distributed Systems including RS/6000, AS/400 and Intel based systems including NT and OS/2 platforms.

Mandatory: Experience in Capacity Planning or Performance management preferably in a distributed system environment. Experience in BEST/1 for Distributed Systems including use of BEST/1 Predict. A working knowledge of distributed operating systems including OS/2  the use of SPM/2, NT, Unix (especially AIX) and OS/400. A working knowledge of SAS Competency in the use of Excel, Word and Lotus Notes. 

Desirable Skills: Some understanding of Bank Systems.


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