Unix & NT 


Ref:             MC00024015

Job Title:    Unix Support Specialist

Location:    West Midlands

Salary:       Negotiable


The Role:  Backup and recovery processes and procedures, Performance Optimisation i/o, CPU and memory usage, UNIX system administration.

Mandatory: must have 12-18 months plus experience supporting, INFORMIX in a production UNIX environment, including:- UNIX System Administration-logical volume / file system management, user-id setup etc. Shell scripting implementation /Support of backup and recovery processes and procedures (Operating System and Database Level) Performance Analysis/Optimisation i/o, CPU and memory usage, Informix installation, configuration and Database Management (including Database Reorganising) UNIX / informix software upgrades.


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Ref:              MC00024011

Job Title:      ADSM Analyst/ADSM

Location:      West Midlands / Hampshire 

Salary:         Negotiable


The Role: Management of ADSM sever environments for internal and Outsourced customer services.

Mandatory: AIX systems administrator, ADSM Server Management. TCP/IP   problem determination, documentation.  Able to work unsupervised, must have at least 1 years ADSM Experience.

Desirable Skills: Tape subsystems, SQL, UNIX scripting, Backint, ADSM Connect Agents. Certified ADSM Professionals, Windows NT, SUN, HP UNIX, Project Planning disciplines.


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Ref:                 MC00311002

Job Title:         Systems Programmer

Location:         Scotland 

Salary:            Up to £50K+ Bens


The Role: Support and management of all aspects of UNIX related systems software changes including analysis, installation and Customisation of AIX operating system related products plus and third-party applications.

Mandatory: A solid understanding, based around 3 years experience, of AIX (4.2.1 to 4.3.3) and the RS/6000 architecture is mandatory along with demonstrable experience in RS/6000 technologies including SSA; LVM; HACMP (4.2.2); shell scripting; TCP/IP; and RS/6000 SP technology and concepts. Exposure to RDBMS concepts is required as is experience of DB2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential as is the ability to work with minimal supervision using ones own initiative inside a strong team ethic. Able to demonstrate an ability to manage disparate workloads in a high-profile environment.

Desirable Skills: Exposure to non-core AIX product such as Communications Manager, Tivoli Storage Manager (ADSM) and Tivoli Workload Scheduler (Maestro) would also be an advantage. A knowledge of some of the following products; DirectTalk, Firewall 1, Websphere v2.02/ v3, Domino v4.6/ v5, eND V3.0.0, Callpath v6.2, Callflow v2.0, CICS, MQ Series and an understanding of Web technologies.


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Ref:             MC00319014

Job Title:     DB2 Technical Support

Location:     West Midland / Yorkshire

Salary:        Up to £38K + Bens


The Role: DB2 Operational DBA support within a UNIX environment.

Mandatory: Installation, configuration and upgrade of the DB2 product set, Implementation of DB2 database backup and recovery strategies. DB2 Problem Determination and Performance Monitoring - to include, database tuning and database reorganisations. 12 months experience within UNIX System Administration arena incorporating, operating system elements in a production environment: Backup and recovery, Problem Determination, Performance Monitoring Disk Management (including use of Volume Manager products, where applicable) Installation and Upgrades, NIX shell scripting with detail to Sed & Awk.

Desirable Skills:  System Administration of multiple flavours of UNIX [e.g. HP, Sequent Operational DBA support of other RDBMS engines e.g. Oracle. 


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